Ready to Read 1 Million Words This Year?!

Hi Monarch Readers! We are going to start a new reading program this year for 3rd-5th graders. Have you ever set a goal to read 1 million words in a school year (if you've had Mrs. Kirby you probably have)? That's going to be your goal this year!

To participate in our program, all you have to do is read (which you should be doing anyway) and take AR quizzes. That's it! I will automatically be able to see how many words you've read once you have taken a quiz. I will update your teacher weekly with your progress and once you reach 1 million words, your picture will go on a $1,000,000 bill and be added to a display in the library where you'll be able to see it when you come to get your books. I will also create a digital display for your teachers to share to your Google classroom.

Why a million words?

Questions?? Email me at

Let's get READING Monarchs!!

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